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YeahCoach introduces you to the Orseus platform. Orseus is an uncompromising platform for your success and happiness. Only two things can happen to you in this platform. Either you earn here mentally or financially. Orseus is a one-way street to an extraordinary life. The left wing of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT of the Orseus platform is the most important for a person. The level of thinking determines the quality of life. If you use this wing, your life will go up even if you don't want it to. The path for success, which contains 365 scrolls, is connected to the tools of the Thought Compass, which puts the given wisdom into your subconscious. And therein lies the power. Only in this way can your behavior, reactions and decision-making processes be truly cultivated for a better life. A month on our Success Path will give you more than a year of fierce consumption of personal development books, seminars and videos. The right wing of BENEFITS will raise the quality of your life even higher. Natural synergy offers us abundance when properly connected. You can enjoy or earn here. Orseus benefits bring you daily joy, assurance of direct help, opportunities, work, jobs, gratitude, gifts, entertainment, events, specialists on the phone and a top magazine. The center between the two wings contains your account and collaboration options. You can choose your role in the world of Orseus. Either you will enjoy it or you will create and earn here. And if you are interested in accepting Orseus for your mission and main financial income, then we have good news for you. Our goal is to make sharing the Orseus platform a well-paying profession. If a banker or an athlete can be paid handsomely for their work, why can't a person who shares education, outreach, kindness, gratitude, and meaningful entertainment be equally well paid? Welcome to the new world of Orseus, a platform for success and happiness without compromise. You can find detailed information in the video.

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Frequently asked questions
What are the visions of Orseus (YeahCoach) and who is behind it all?
Take a look at the about us page, where you will get to know the visions and the Orseus team.
How can I make money in Orseus?
You can find an overview of how to earn in Orseus here.
How can I help in Orseus?
You can find information about helping in Orseus here.
Why was Orseus created?
Because people need support and at the same time to make spreading education and Orseus direct help an interesting paid profession.
How can I become a member of the Orseus community?
Just sign up.
Where can I find proof of honorary membership payment?
An overview of all payments and documents can be found on My honorary membership page.
Will Orseus have a mobile app?
Yes, a mobile application is a must. We are planning for it this year. It depends on the speed of development.
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