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Here in YeahCoach we help each other in need, or with dreams come true. Fulfilling material dreams, experiential dreams, tourist dreams, emergency relief, alternative pension or alternative maternity leave. See how it all works.


YeahCoach is a 100% surefire way to help you and your family, or an opportunity to grant each other's wishes. It is about direct help and wish fulfillment without middlemen, in which 100% of the help always reaches the intended destination! Within 5 minutes, you ask for help or make a wish and If you supply all the materials, the first money may be coming from YC Heroes on the day of approval. Members help members, so you need to have an active YeahCoach membership! But you can help without a membership!


You can ask for a wish to be granted in order to help in an emergency, for material, experiential or touristic dreams, for a long-term alternative pension or for a long-term alternative maternity leave. You can ask for money, for material (blankets, furniture, things) or for physical help (personal assistance, help, transport, dealing with offices, etc ...)


With us, it is advantageous to help make wishes come true and to ask for help. You can advise, you can send credit, you can send money directly to the applicant's account or, you can just ask for a dream or help. By asking for help, you will save months of paperwork with foundations and non-profits. However, count on the fact that our request for help is also being verified so that our donors can be sure that the request for help is legitimate.

If you help us directly without intermediaries, your body produces a substance called serotonin, which strongly strengthens your immunity and improves your mood. In addition, the laws of nature return your help to others 3 times back. And to make sure it is enough, we also write all your help on the board of honor and in your profile, in the activities of good. Your help will never be forgotten. This "community honor" will ensure you are in a great position when you ask for help, gifts, contracts and other earnings.


The first thing to realize is that the donor gets much more than needed. It simply brings joy to the donors. This act of assistance is very important for society and is always won by both parties. So don't be ashamed to ask for help, you are also treating the donor.

Be careful! If you ask for help that you don't really need, then the laws of nature will take it back from you 3 times. Moreover, such a request does not even pass through the YeahCoach.

Do not ask for help if the purpose of the request is to pay debts, loan repayments, etc. Such requests will not pass the approval system.

Asking for help is not always easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage. That is why we admire everyone who overcomes their fears, pride, fear and really asks for help and publicly express the desire for help in an emergency. But if it's a wish to make a dream come true, like wishing for a balloon ride or wishing for a business idea or buying a bicycle or traveling around the country, don't be afraid to say it! Enter your wish!


Anyone can ask for a wish to help in a time of need or to grant a wish here at YeahCoach. Fill out the request for help or wish very carefully and send it. However, we remind you to have an active at least basic YeahCoach membership. Nevertheless, membership has strong benefits!.


First of all, be very careful to fill in the application with a valid email. If you enter the email incorrectly, you will not receive further instructions, without which your request will freeze.

The request for help needs to be duly completed in order to speed up the whole process. Therefore, it is necessary to write the help text properly. 

Recommended outline of the request for assistance:

  1. Introduce yourself or your immediate family
  2. Briefly tell us about your life story
  3. Tell us what happened and why you are asking for help
  4. Tell us why exactly you need help, and what will you use it for
  5. What income and expenses do you have

Get inspired by these published requests for help HERE.

If your request for help won’t send, then it is incorrectly filled in. The end of the request always states exactly where the error is and why the request cannot be sent. 

  • Enter the amount correctly in the case of a financial application, specifically in the AMOUNT REQUIRED field. Only fill in the amount without spaces and without currency. For example, 1000.
  • The IBAN or SWIFT code is not filled in correctly. These are data for foreign payments and you can find them either in your internet banking or on every account statement.
  • There is no photo attached to the request for help or. Insert more photos rather than less.
  • You have not checked the terms and conditions of the request for help.

If you sent the request correctly, you will receive an information email that the request has been accepted into the system.


A member of the YeahCoach team will study the application and ask for proof of basic documents in case of request for help. In the case of a dream wish, it is not so strict.

It is necessary to take into account the identification of identity documents and other documents, depending on the nature of the application. We strongly recommend that you make a video of your request if you need help in an emergency. It is then much more efficient and the money is withdrawn much faster.


Donor trust is our number one priority for us. We want to protect them from fraud. We cannot afford fake cases of help. YC Heroes would be disappointed and lose confidence in us. We have only one reputation. That is why we strictly verify applications. In the case of a dream wish, it is not so strict


For example, an application for financial assistance to cover loan, mortgage or debt repayments will not pass the approval process. For example, the lady wrote to us that she had taken out many loans and that she would like to help repay these loans. But we would end this quickly, because there would be more such requests than brave donors.




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