How to properly share YeahCoach with other people

Here you will learn how to properly spread the idea of YeahCoach. If you share YeahCoach properly, you will be both happy and prosperous.

By sharing YeahCoach, you give your friends and acquaintances a very powerful tool for their mental and financial prosperity.

How to share 

  1. The "Share" icon is located on each YeahCoach page. There is also an Avatar menu in the top bar. On your mobile phone, you will find sharing button in the bottom bar of your phone. In the post you will find this button below the text. This post you're reading also has a "Share" button at the bottom
  2. Click the "Share" button. Copy the link using the "Copy" button, then paste it into an email, messenger or sms, for example, and send it to your friends. Or you can use the second "Facebook" button and share it directly on Facebook
  3. When sharing, be logged in to YeahCoach.

If you are a small investorAmbassador or Titan, you will find more detailed information on earnings and sharing YeahCoach in this Academy.

Important warning

  1. Don't spam because in YeahCoach spamming doesn't work. It is a disgrace to you and YeahCoach. Share YeahCoach on "person-to-person" based communication. It is the most successful and serious sharing. Just talk about us with someone and then send them a link to the YeahCoach main page.
  2. Don't share anyone else's YeahCoach posts on social networks because they contain their YC reference code! 
  3. Don't bomb your social accounts by sharing posts from YeahCoach. We recommend sharing 1 to 3 YeahCoach posts a week on social networks, share the ones that you really like.

Find a way to help a specific person. hare an article, story, gift, entertainment, help, tools, opportunity to advertise their work and more.

We wish you a lot of perseverance in sharing the idea of YeahCoach and thank you for improving the world with us!




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